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Welcome to our shop. Here you will find our handmade, limited edition books available to buy. If you have any questions about a specific item then please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Our latest release is ‘Coraline’ by Neil Gaiman. Copies of the Standard edition will be made available on the shop page on Wednesday the 28th of September at 7pm BST. Due to the popularity of our previous title, there is a ‘one copy per household’ rule in place for the first 24 hours of public pre-order. You will be able to add only one item to your basket. If any further orders are placed within the first 24 hours, those orders will be cancelled and refunded. If there are copies remaining after the first 24 hours (at the time of 7pm BST on Thursday the 29th of September), all limits will be removed and you can then order as many as you like. This is to ensure everyone has a fair and even chance at purchasing a copy when the pre-order opens.

There are no rights attached to Standard edition books.

Read more about how the rights system works.

The first 100 copies of the Numbered edition will be offered to rights holders from the 12th to the 16th of September. All remaining copies will be available by lottery ONLY. The lottery form will appear on the product page on the 17th of September and will be open until the 19th of September. Winners will be notified by email on the 20th of September and will have 48 hours to complete their purchase. The first 100 copies of the Numbered edition are offered to current Stardust rights holders and there will be a further 100 copies available for everyone else. 50 of these copies will carry rights, 50 will not. You will be notified in the winning email which copy you have the option to purchase.

All copies of the Lettered edition will be offered to current Stardust rights holders first. If there are any unclaimed copies, they will be available by lottery only which will also take place on the 17th-19th of September.

Numbered and Lettered buyers will also be given the opportunity to purchase a copy of the Standard edition at the time of purchasing either edition. There is a limit of one copy per customer. Winners of either of the lotteries will also be given this opportunity.

Read more about how our lotteries work.


Delivery Details

  • All books will be packed into custom made, double walled cartons and surrounded by thick foam on six sides to ensure safe delivery.

  • The cost of shipping is calculated by the cost of the packaging, the time it takes to pack and book the deliveries as well as the delivery cost itself.

  • Deliveries within the UK will be sent via a 24 hour courier service called APC Overnight. Delivery times elsewhere in the world will vary depending on your location, but we would hope that the books will largely be delivered within a few days. All services will be fully trackable and you will be sent a confirmation of shipping along with a tracking number when your parcel is booked with the courier. If you have a preferred courier service then do let us know and we will try our best to use them.

  • All international deliveries, including to the EU, now have full customs declarations. Any import taxes, customs duties or fees must be paid for by the recipient. Customs policies vary from country to country and you should contact your local customs office for more information. Customs clearance procedures may cause delays and extend our quoted delivery time estimates.

    PLEASE NOTE – We cannot currently deliver to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus.

  • The books are being printed in the latter part of this year. The printing and the binding of this title is quite complex and we expect to have them all finished and ready to ship in the first half of 2023. Updates will be posted on social media and via the website subscriber email as we go.